We’re bringing Gigabit Fiber Internet to Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Fiber Project has a simple goal: to provide affordable, next-generation fiber broadband to homes and businesses throughout the City of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Fiber Coils

We're planning a publicly owned, next-generation broadband network, tailored to fit the diverse current and future needs of the Santa Cruz community. To us, that means the ability to transfer gigabits of data -- up to 200 times the speeds residents are currently experiencing -- with room to grow in the future.

Not many cities have gigabit Internet. Even fewer are trying to get the fiber to everyone in the city. We're Santa Cruz. We can do this.

We’re currently in the feasibility phase, and we need your help to drive the project forward.

Step 1: Fill out our short survey to show your interest in fiber Internet. Don’t forget to tell your neighbors to do the same!

Step 2: Once we have enough interest, we’ll start taking signups. When enough folks have signed up, construction will begin!

Step 3: With enough people in a neighborhood signed up, the fiber construction begins and Gigabit Internet is almost there.

Step 4: Connected! You’re surfing the web about 200x faster than before.

But what if you're located outside the City of Santa Cruz, or interested in fiber but need better Internet right away? Ask about our existing fiber/wireless network, it may serve your needs. Plus, current Cruzio customers and inquiries are regularly mapped and central to our decisions of when and where to build more fiber. Every customer helps us get to fiber.

Thank you for all your support. Together we can make Gigabit fiber Internet a reality for all of Santa Cruz.